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Teatro stabile
di innovazione
del Friuli Venezia Giulia
via Crispi 65
33100 Udine - Italy

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/ Darling
a new production by ricci/forte
year 2014
text ricci/forte
directed by Stefano Ricci
cast Gabriel Da Costa, Anna Gualdo, Pierstein Leirom, Giuseppe Sartori
set & lighting design scenery elements Francesco Ghisu
additional details movements Marco Angelilli
costumes Gianluca Falaschi
technical direction Davide Confetto
director's assistant Liliana Laera
production a coproduction CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG / Romaeuropa Festival / Snaporazverein / Festival delle Colline Torinesi / Théâtre MC 93 di Bobigny/Festival Ideal Standard

ricci/forte represent the Italian Scene in Rouen (Scène Nazionale Petit-Quevilly/Mont Saint-Aignan), Marseille (Festival Actoral), Nantes (Le Lieu Unique), Paris (La Ménagerie de Verre). They also partecipate in several international Festivals such as in Belgium (Les Halles/Brussels), France (MC 93/Bobigny+Europe&Cies/Lyon), Croatia (Zagreb Queer/Zagreb), Slovenia (Mladi Levi/Ljubljana), Romania (Underground Theatre/Arad), England (Lingering Whispers/London), Germany (New Plays from Europe/Wiesbaden+ Glow/Berlin), USA (NYI/New York), Moldova (BITEI/Chisinau), Bosnia-Herzegovina (MESS/Sarajevo/Visoko), Spain (Escena Contemporanea/ Madrid+Centro Parraga/Murcia), Turkey (New Text New Theater/Istanbul), Portugal (Almada/Lisbon), Russia (Territory + PLATFORMA + NET/Moscow).

Formed at Silvio D'Amico's Accademia Nazionale D'Arte Drammatica/Rome and at New York University, they study writing with Edward Albee. They win a lot of drama awards such as Premio Studio 12, Oddone Cappellino, Vallecorsi, Fondi-La Pastora, Hystrio and Gibellina-Salvo Randone.

troia's discount is shown in 2006. They are invited by the French Embassy for "Face à Face" with Olivier Py in 2007. They present metamorpHotel and the first part of the project wunderkammer soap at the International Festival Castel dei Mondi. The debut of 100% furious is in 2008. Produced by Teatro di Roma and directed by Massimo Popolizio, ploutos (from Aristophanes) is awarded with the Critics Prize as best drama at Biennale Venezia Teatro 2009. macadamia nut brittle debuts at Garofano Verde Festival. ‘abbastarduna, directed by David Bobée, is presented at Théatre des Bernardines/Marseilles. As a coproduction with CSS/Udine, they present pinter's anatomy. In 2010 troilus vs. cressida (from Shakespeare) debuts at Festival dei Due Mondi/Spoleto and the performance some disordered christmas interior geometries at Fondazione Alda Fendi/Rome. grimmless, with the support of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, debuts in 2011. Directed by Simon Delétang, macadamia nut brittle is presented at Espace Malraux Scène Nationale/Chambery and at Théatre Les Ateliers/Lyon. The full project of wunderkammer soap, coproducted, is at Romaeuropa Festival. The newest creation, imitationofdeath, premiered in October 2012 at Romaeuropa Festival, co-producer with Festival delle Colline Torinesi + CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG + Central Fies. Their last work is still life (2013) at Teatro Argentina di Roma. June 2014, new debut of 100% furious with a Russian production of Platforma/Vinzavod in Moscow.


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