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Il principe di Homburg / The Prince of Homburg
/ Il principe di Homburg / The Prince of Homburg
by Kleist, directed by Cesare Lievi
year 2011
text by Heinrich von Kleist
translated by Cesare Lievi
directed by Cesare Lievi
dramaturgy by Peter Iden
cast Stefano Santospago The Elector, Prince of Brandenburg
Ludovica Modugno The Electoress Princess
Maria Alberta Navello Natalia, niece of Prince Elector
Emanuele Carucci Viterbi Field Marshal Dörflin
Lorenzo Gleijeses Prince of Homburg, General of Cavalry
Graziano Piazza Colonel Kottwitz
_ Colonel of Infantry Hennings
Sergio Mascherpa Colonel of Infantry, Count Truchss
Andrea Collavino Count Hohenzollern
Paolo Fagiolo Captain of Cavalry von Der Goltz
_ Captain of Cavalry, Count Reuss
set & lighting design designed by Josef Frommwieser
lighting by Gigi Saccomandi
additional details costumes by Marina Luxardo
production a co-production Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG
To produce Kleist's The Prince of Homburg today is not just a way of commemorating the bicentenary of his death (this will also be celebrated with the publication of his complete works in the “Meridiani Mondadori” series). It also a way of defining the cultural and human hold of Kleist's poetry: one of the most disturbing and contradictory dramatic poets of the past.

Beyond the deep ‘Prussianism’ of his work, does his theatre speak with any urgency to the audience of today?
And if it does, what does it consist of and how is it articulated?

Our production attempts to answer these questions by emphasising not so much the drama of a man torn between feelings and rules, freedom and obedience, the unconscious and the norm, but more prominently, the Kleistian idea (which is completely modern) of a possible resolution of every conflict through dreams.  It doesn't matter if dreams are destined to implode and collapse in the light of reality.  Reality is not absolute - another dream may hide within it, interrogating it, and so on and on to infinity.

Without dreams and their power there is no life.

Ten actors, on stage throughout the production, in a surreal and unchanging neo-classic space, bring to life a dramatic and urgent story, with the fluidity, precision and vagueness typical of dreams. A place where  imagination, and the unconscious which determines it, manifests itself with all its elemental power of decision over life, its meaning and its destiny.

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